About Euro Daily News

Our objective at Euro Daily News is to give unvarnished, unbiased, fact-based news that empowers rather than destabilises. We are unapologetically unbiased, believing that all points of view are important, and we consciously avoid the urge to use prejudice, indignation, or sensationalism to entice clicks or views.

We offer our audiences with the materials they need to make their own decisions—or even change their minds—by being faithful to facts while providing voice to a variety of viewpoints. Our journalists promote clarity, empathy, and integrity by concentrating on facts, ideas, and solutions.

Euro Daily News arose from a desire to establish a powerful independent news station in the United States. Euro Daily News is the only worldwide news organisation with a UK perspective, and it is where the world goes to hear what the UK has to say. We’ve been providing unbiased, independent news for over a decade.

Our Euro Daily News DNA is at the centre of all our operations now more than ever. Euro Daily News broadcasts live from the UK, providing unrivalled coverage of UK events, thanks to a multicultural and talented staff and journalists around the continent with unrivalled UK experience.

Our style is distinctively Euro Daily News, but our coverage is distinctively diversified.  This multi-language news strategy allows us to provide genuinely global insights to local audiences, allowing them to hear fresh voices and ideas in their own language. Our platform reflects our diversity: in addition to live news, we provide a diverse range of factual content on business, technology, science, climate, and lifestyle, as well as arts and entertainment programmes such as movies, travel, and culture.